Workshop 3

Performing Document – a workshop with Janez Janša
Workshop duration: 22-24 November 2011, 13.00-17.30, Bios exploring urban culture.
Workshop cost: 75 euros
(a deposit of 25 euros is required for registration in the workshop)

The intention of the workshop is to develop creative approach to history. Instead of working on a historical event, the participants are invited to invent an event in the past (distant at least 30 years) which they might reconstruct through various approaches. They will work on creating evidence of an event in the past which didn’t take place. The aim of the workshop is to show how history is constructed by creating forged evidence. The evidence should be created in convincing manner, so anyone who would look at the collection of evidence would become at least curious in the presented event, if not completely taken by the evidence. The work will contain both imagination in history as well as research in historical period. The participants will learn through their own research about history of performance in very practical way. They will create non-existing event and the presentation of evidence on that event will become new performative format, which might be combination of documentary theatre, reenactment, lecture performance or non-academic lecture.

Additional information: The language of the workshop will be english.

Part of the work will be individual and it would be nice if the participants could be available even after the workshop hours.

On Thursday 24 November 2011 at 20.00-22.00, the participants of all workshops will meet with all the artists for an open discussion and reflection on their work and the symposium’s theme at the I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre – Municipality of Vyronas.

The workshop is for all kind of artists interested in doing there own work (performance, visual, sound, new media, dramaturgy, criticism) in relation to recent history. A letter of motivation is required (250 words max). Please send your application for this workshop to: by Monday 10th October 2011, with the subject line: Workshop 3