Workshop 1

encounters in synchronous time / Double translations: telling another way to tell – a workshop with Karen Christopher & Litó Walkey
Workshop duration: 22-24 November 2011, 16.30-19.30, I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre – Municipality of Vyronas.
Workshop cost: 75 euros
(a deposit of 25 euros is required for registration in the workshop)

We seek to understand the present moment, and we are curious about the effects of simultaneous actions taking place and acting on separate bodies in separate locations, we will explore the potential of carefully composed performance directives for use as creative mechanisms, and we will cut into the present so that the future leaks in. We will present a workshop in advance of our presentation: Double translations: telling another way to tell. The workshop will take place over three days and culminate with possible participation in our conference presentation. This workshop will involve both movement of the body and spoken word, we will make use of our visual and aural capacities with a focus on attentiveness, and work to sense time and place as tools in the service of composition. Of the questions posed by the conference curators we will address the following: How does the notion of encounter (in the sense of a shared time between people) help us address issues of spectatorship, individuality, alterity and collaboration, dialogue and exchange in performance and performance studies in the current moment?

Additional information: The language of the workshop will be english.

On the second day of the workshop (23rd November) the meeting with participants will be for approximately two hours at dawn (sunrise) and two hours at dusk (sunset). Participants will also be asked to perform a task on their own at solar noon wherever they happen to be at that time. Times for this day will be set on the first day of the workshop.

On Thursday 24 November 2011 at 20.00-22.00, the participants of all workshops will meet with all the artists for an open discussion and reflection on their work and the symposium’s theme at the I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre – Municipality of Vyronas.

The workshop is open to artists in any discipline and with all levels of experience. A letter of motivation is required (250 words max). Please send your application for this workshop to: by Monday 10th October 2011, with the subject line: Workshop 1