Think Tank

Thursday 24 November, 20:00-22:00

Associated Activity | ENG / GR

I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre | Chrysafis 34 & Dikaiarhou, Vyronas

Introduced by Pinelopi Iliaskou, Artistic Director Duncan Centre

With a view to enabling further links between the PSi Cluster Athens and the two pre-cluster workshops, one led by Karen Christopher and Litó Walkey, and the other by Janez Janša, this Think-Tank event is conceived as an intellectual platform which aims to provide an opportunity for reflection and exchange on the theme of contemporaneity.

With the participation of the international artists leading the workshops, the participants of the workshops – many of whom are artists with diverse artistic backgrounds – and the team of curators of the PSi Cluster, the event in open to all with an interest in performance discourse, including performers, directors and choreographers, artists from other disciplines such as composers and visual artists, dance house directors and curators, as well as external contributors such as academics, journalists and theorists.


I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre – Municipality of Byron