Open Call

Within the frame of the PSi Regional Research Cluster ‘Encounters in Synchronous Time’, we invite artists and theorists to submit their proposals for the following four participatory models of presentation:

1. Writers-in-Residence: 10 writers creatively and critically reflect on the cluster’s events.
We invite people who will be attending the 3-day cluster-event and who are interested in responding to it through creative and critical modes of writing that they will propose (e.g. texts in the form of letters, texts structured on the basis of a specific concept/idea, etc.). The resulting texts will appear online (in the cluster’s blog) and/or will be presented as hard copies in the venue during the cluster. In agreement with the writers, they may be also be used for future publications and/or presentations.

If interested, please email us at the address below with the subject line: ‘Writers-in-Residence’.

2. Peachy Coochy: 15 photographs, 10 artists, 5 minutes, 1 encounter

Peachy Coochy constitutes a performative presentation format according to which speakers have one projector, some images and a pre-arranged time limit at their disposal, in order to present their statements.

Within the frame of the cluster, Peachy Coochy will include multi-formed presentations by 10 artists on the relationship of their work to the cluster’s theme, the notion of synchronicity. Each presentation will last 5 minutes and will include 15 images/photos of the artists’ choice.

If interested, please email us at the address below with the subject line: ‘Peachy Coochy’ (priority will be given to Greek artists and/or artists based in Greece).

3. Manifesto Lexicon: 24 Greek words to approach performance studies.
We shall start from the Greek letter ‘Α’ (alpha), continue with ‘Β’ (beta), and so on and so forth, until we reach ‘Ω’ (omega). Our aim is to construct a Greek lexicon of performance studies, as a manifesto of critical discourse on issues related to theoretical and stage research practices. If we were to use 24 Greek words to approach performance studies, one for each letter of the Greek alphabet, what would these words be?
We invite Greek-speaking artists, practitioners, theorists and thinkers, to choose between 1-3 letters and propose a word per letter, for which they will present a lexicon entry/text of up to 300 words as part of the cluster.

Please send your proposals (proposed words only) to the email address below with the subject line ‘Manifesto Lexicon’.

4. Welcome to Athens: The city of Athens through the eyes of a foreigner.
An opening welcome to Athens, which will attempt to synchronize the city with the ‘eyes of the foreigners’ who will present Athens in the cluster after following specific tasks/routes they will have been given, which will have been created by ‘native Greeks’ eg. through instructions, text, maps, etc.

We invite artists and theorists to express their interest, both Greeks for the creation of the tasks/routes that will be given to the foreign visitors, as well as foreigners who would like to execute/follow those tasks/routes and welcome us to Athens through a short presentation.

If interested, please email us at the address below with the subject line: ‘Welcome to Athens’.

Please submit your proposals to: by Monday 10 October 2011.

For further information on the cluster and the affiliated workshops: / +306944 415170 (GR), +44 (0)789 076 9407 (UK)