Pre-cluster 2

Two pre-cluster meetings have been scheduled with the exclusive participation of Greek performance artists and theorists living and working both in Greece and abroad. These gatherings aim at bringing together strong and diverse critical voices of the region, who rarely have the opportunity to interact with each other and who will therefore both offer a substantial regional contribution/participation to the event, and ensure a continuity in the development of a strong critical language in performance studies in Greece post-event. It is precisely for this reason that we are curating it as an open platform, a coming together in synchronous time, as far as the Greek participation is concerned, incorporating as many voices as possible from distinct academic and cultural institutions in Greece. Together with the project curators, the participants of those pre-cluster meetings will plan and organize the Greek participation in the cluster on the basis of collaborative models of work and research.

The second pre-cluster meeting took place on 12th September 2011 at the I. & R. Duncan Research Dance Centre – Municipality of Vyronas, Athens, with the participation of the following theatre, dance and performance artists and theorists:

Marios Chatziprokopiou
Vasia Christou
Alexandros Efkleidis
Makis Faros
Apostolos Fragos
Jessika Henou
Pinelopi Iliaskou
Myrto Katsiki
Maria Koliopoulou
Kostas Koutsolelos
Polina Kremasta
Medie Megas
Vasilis Noulas
Valia Papachristou
Ioanna Tzartzani
Alexandros Vrettos
Hypatia Vourloumis

In our meeting we referred to the main aims and objectives of Performance Studies and of the PSi organization in particular, as well as to the specific topic of our cluster, the notion and understandings of synchronicity within the area of contemporary experimental dance and theatre practices. More particularly though our second pre-cluster encounter was focused on the organization of the Greek participation in the cluster and on the various participatory forms that our presentations could take within its frame. We thus continued relevant discussions that were initiated in our first pre-cluster meeting, related to the specific needs of both artists and theorists of Greece and the forms they would like their encounter and ‘synchronization’ with our international guests to take in November’s cluster. This process resulted in the following ideas that will constitute the Greek participation in the PSi regional research cluster ‘Encounters in Synchronous Time’:

One panel of Greek theorists on the notion of synchronicity and the way it is addressed in contemporary artistic production in Greece (chaired by Prof. Rachel Fensham – University of Surrey)

One panel of Greek artists and theorists who live or lived in-between Greece and abroad and attempt to ‘synchronize’ regional and international modes and understandings of performance through their thinking and stage practices.

The presence of ten Writers-in-Residence throughout the whole three-day cluster, who will creatively and critically reflect on its various events.

One Peachy Coochy presentation (15 photographs, 10 artists, 5 minutes, 1 encounter)
with the participation of Greek artists who will present their work and the way it relates to and reflects on the notion of synchronicity.

The creation and presentation of one Manifesto Lexicon to initiate a Greek critical discourse on Performance: If we were to use 24 Greek words to approach performance studies, one for each letter of the Greek alphabet, what would these words be?

One opening – Welcome to Athens event that will attempt to synchronize the city of Athens with the eyes of the ‘foreigners’, who will present it through specific tasks that will be given to them in advance from Greek ‘locals’. Instead of organizing the maybe more expected event of welcoming the ‘foreigners’ in our city, we are looking forward to acquire a different look on it and on the things we are taking for granted in it, through the eyes of those foreigners who will welcome us to Athens!

One one-to-one session where all participants will have the change to participate in hundred encounters, meet, interact and synchronize with each other!