Curatorial Vision

The main aim underlying the curatorial vision for this event has been to produce an open public event, which will enable vital and experimental research exchange between international and regional (Greek/Balkan) scholars and practitioners, whose expertise cross between theatre, dance, performance and philosophy. With the additional aim of securing a significant impact of the cluster not only for its international participants but also for its Greek audience/participants, the curation of the event is based on the following:

1.       Invited speakers are key thinkers who have led recent debates in contemporary performance thinking, whether as theorists, as researchers who have led the way in bringing closer artistic practices and academic activity, or as artists whose work has been consistently inspired by and has informed theoretical discourse. Their diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds provide a wide range of approaches to the thematic scope of the event, including the regional, the trans-national and the cross-cultural.

2.       The cluster sessions and associated activities mainly include presentations in alternative formats, such as those of dialogue, performance lecture, working group, workshop and outdoor activity; these formats have been proposed by the presenting artists/scholars themselves. Hence, their contributions combine performance-based thinking and practice offering rigorous approaches to methodologies of academic process.

3.       Two pre-cluster meetings have been scheduled with the exclusive participation of Greek performance artists and theorists living and working both in Greece and abroad. These gatherings have brought together strong and diverse critical voices of the region, who rarely have the opportunity to interact with each other and who will therefore both offer a substantial regional contribution/participation to the event, and ensure a continuity in the development of a strong critical language in performance studies in Greece post-event.

4.       The event is to be hosted in various venues throughout the city of Athens, rather than in one particular Greek cultural centre or academic institution, in order to reach and incorporate as many people as possible from distinct academic and cultural institutions in Greece, including students, artists and theorists, as well as a broader public with an interest in the politics of contemporary arts.